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End self-destructive eating habits with Cognitive Eating

Learn to stop eating (and thinking) in ways that make you feel terrible and gain freedom from weight & food obsessions so you can be happy, healthy and, at peace with yourself and your body. 

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The food and weight freedom solution for chronic dieters who feel like they've tried everything

Stop wasting life stuck in the "I'll start again tomorrow" cycle, learn to stop eating in ways that make you feel terrible & find freedom from the weight & food obsessions so you can be happy, healthy and free. 

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Get massive clarity on your barriers to weight loss and healthy eating, including why the struggle has never been your fault.

This is the puzzle piece you've been missing

It's not about what you're eating - it's about why

Anyone can tell you what to eat and everyone sure does try. But trying to stick to what other people say you should or shouldn't eat never works for very long. And then what? You live at war with yourself, your body and food - stuck in "I'll start again tomorrow" mode forever.

Because it all ignores why you're stuck in eating patterns that don't serve you.


The key to lasting transformation is in your why

The relationships you have with food, yourself and your body are formed through the thoughts, beliefs, habits, and behaviors that have unconsciously developed, over the course of your life.

Those are the things that drive why you eat the way you eat - they drive weight and food obsessions.

And you've spent your life being unconsciously driven by them without ever fully understanding that all the dieting and attempts at "being good" do nothing but fuel more self-destructive thoughts and habits. So, it all keeps you stuck repeating patterns that are being driven by your wiring.

Cognitive eating changes those things at their source - your brain - because when you change that, you change everything. Forever.
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That's what makes this different than anything else you've ever done

That's why this works when nothing else has



your relationship with self & body by healing the causes of self-destructive choices


your relationship with food by removing fear & shame so eating is joyful and easy


your brain to change the wiring that drives unhealthy thoughts and behaviors

 Those three elements combined create true freedom - the forever kind. No more food, scale or body wars.

No more dieting, no more endlessly quitting and starting over, no more mindless, stress, emotional or even binge eating.

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Because here's the thing...

Eating should be easy and feeling at home in your body, natural

Forget the food fear, shame, rules, restrictions, and suffering.

With CE you'll find ease. You'll learn how to start wanting to make choices that make you feel amazing because, as you'll also learn, you deserve it. 

You'll rebuild self-trust, nurture self-compassion, learn to connect with, listen to, and honor your own body's needs. 

Together, we'll walk through the exact steps required to have a healthy relationship with food, and your body so you naturally start nurturing your mental, physical and emotional health.

And we'll do so in a way that actually lasts because we'll retrain your brain.

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Why We Eat

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Formerly called, It's All In Your Head, the podcast returns September 26th with a new name, a new look and awesome new content.

Returning September 26th as, Why We Eat.

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