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Faye's story is particularly interesting because she found the CEA a year or so ago. We spoke about her joining and her gut told her she needed it but she didn't listen to her gut and instead decided to stick with what she knew - trainers, nutritionists, meal plans, continued attempts at "trying harder to be good" etc. But she never forgot about this work and a year or so later, when those predictably didn't work, she came back to finally take the leap and join the CEA. 

Keep reading for more on her story taken directly from her case study interview.


"I feel so free. And I feel good and so happy to feel like I’m able to pass on better food habits to my son which is really so important to me too." - Faye

"Before the CEA, I felt so out of control… especially the year before I joined. After the first time I talked with Roni about my joining but I didn't join, things got really bad.

I was eating in secret all the time… eating massive quantities of food and just kept thinking if I could just get a meal plan, that would fix it but it wasn’t ever working because the eating was always just me just dealing with external things as much as I could by eating. I felt out of control. Felt terrible about myself. Thought I was never going to ever be able to just eat as much as I normal person… it was really shameful.  I'd even hide in the car to eat… don’t even think I admitted it to my husband.

Initially, I found Roni in a facebook group. Randomly someone in a group I was in said something about how she was a miracle worker so I checked her out and was interested. I was at a point where I knew I needed to change something because I didn’t feel great. The bingeing had come in spurts then. Before I got pregnant I was counting macros and I got down to almost goal and then it went off the rails after pregnancy.

I also talked to a nutritionist so was looking a few options but I really clicked with Roni. Talking to her made me feel like, for the first time, I could breathe. I realized there was a reason I was like this. I wasn't just out of control, there was a reason for the eating.

But I was scared of committing to the price so I went with the nutritionist. She was knowledgeable but predictably, unhelpful. Then I bought a month of meal plans from a trainer but again, couldn’t stick with that either.

I finally took the leap and joined because I just got to the point that nothing I had tried had worked and I knew I needed something radically different so I just went for it.  

I was still a little scared of the price but really at the point that I knew I had to do something. So I thought, why don’t I just do the thing I knew I needed to do a year ago and just go for it? And that’s when I signed up.

If I could go back I would tell myself to just do it the first time we spoke instead of wasting another year on the other things. There’s this idea that we shouldn't spend money on things but when you spend money on your health you get it back with interest.

And if I could tell someone else, who's on the fence like was, anything about it I'd tell them to listen to their gut - I should have listened to my gut. I knew when I talked to Roni the first time that this is what I needed. I knew it was and I should have listened, I should have listened to my gut because I knew. I felt at ease with Roni and knew this would help and I should have listened to that.

It’s scary to commit when nothing has worked but I knew… you'll know. Anyone would.

And it's really been interesting. Even just before this call I wanted to have these gummy candies I got at Trader Joes and I took the bag and had some and then was just done before the bag was even gone. I never could have done that before.

I also have had an exponential decrease in the amount of times I feel out of control… and now the rare times that I do, I know exactly what the source is and know that I can figure out how to fix it from there which is huge. 

And what I like the most is getting rid of the shame I felt around food. It's been interesting to see how it’s changed my mindset. My mom and everyone around me has so much embarrassment around food.. not me anymore. Now I just eat. It's a HUGE… big, big shift.

And my self-image has improved. I'm finding ways to be really proud of micro accomplishments. Reconnecting with how amazing bodies are has been a wonderful aspect. Recognizing how imperfectly perfect my body is, celebrating what it can do… being proud of it. The self-love component has been really nice. I've been doing better sitting with emotions. I used to eat them all, stuff it down but not anymore. Today, I took my son from his daycare for the last day and I cried. Instead of feeling like I couldn’t cry when I was sad, I let myself be sad. It's diminished the power over me. I’m acknowledging what I'm feeling and moving on instead of trying to not and shove it in the corner with food.

I used to stop at the bakery three times a week but I haven’t gone in months because I just don’t want to. I haven’t run the numbers on how much I’ve saved on not doing bakery stops anymore but I'm sure it's a lot. This is the first thing that I’ve done that I haven’t felt like I’m holding on by my fingertips to try to stick to. I don’t have to suffer this out. I can just do this forever. It’s so freeing.

And it’s really cool to sit down for a meal and stop before my meal was done because I’m just done eating. I have friends who don’t have issues around food and I was always so in awe of their ability to do that.

I never thought I’d be able to and now here I am. That's just so cool.

And dealing with the emotional side has made it so that I can manage my emotions in another way rather than always using food.

It's just free. I feel so free. And I feel good and so happy to feel like I’m able to pass on better food habits to my son which is really so important to me too."


* Faye preferred to remain anonymous so the image used is a stock photo and her name has been changed to protect her privacy.


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