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Kelsey started working with Cognitive Eating founder Roni Davis when Roni was still a personal trainer and nutrition and wellness coach. She's a perfect example of the types of clients that helped Roni realize that the real transformations she was providing weren't about the workouts, the weight or the food.

They were happening as a result of the ways in which she was helping clients like Kelsey change the reasons behind their weight & food struggles - the ways in which she was helping them change their brains. The strategies Roni used to help herself and these clients heal and transform are the strategies upon which Cognitive Eating was built and why Roni ultimately quit being a trainer to create Cognitive Eating.

Keep reading for Kelsey's story in her own words below.


"I never realized the kind of impact one person could have on my life until I started working with Roni." - Kelsey Keigan

"Life before Roni was a definite struggle. I suffered from Anorexia for the majority of my teen life. I struggled with feeling comfortable in clothes, with body acceptance, my appearance, my confidence. I also had major anxiety which had developed under the radar and got ignored - I was so scared of feeling weak or labeled with the “crazy” stigma so often associated with emotional struggles. 

In my early twenty’s I got pregnant and struggled really hard with weight gain. I was extremely depressed and hated myself every time I looked in the mirror. 

I was 3 months postpartum when I reached out to Roni for help. At the time, she was still a personal trainer and nutrition/wellness coach known for transformation bodies. A friend of mine had also had a baby close to me and asked if going to Roni for personal training with her was something I was interested in. I agreed it would be nice change to get out of the house for a while and workout.

What I didn’t realize was how much of an impact this experience would have on my life.

While I was going to Roni, she had also working on healing her own weight & food struggles and outside of the workouts she'd take me through, she'd share what worked for her because she could see I was struggling with so many of the same things she had.

I went to her for weight loss & expected what you get with other personal trainers - workouts and meal plans.

But much of the time she'd tell me I needed to stop focusing on that so I didn’t always like what she had to say and was very stubborn for a long time. But her words would always stick in the back of my head: “Stop worrying about the numbers on the scale”, “You are not defined by your weight”. And she was so right.

Because the more I started to listen and stop obsessing over the weight, the workouts and the food, so I could heal the stuff going on inside that was causing it all, the more I started to see changes and mentally and emotionally. Life was getting better - I was taking better care of myself, achieving more in my daily life and feeling better about myself.

When I wasn’t being stubborn and I was actually listening to her, she reshaped my mental state completely and got me where I needed to be for myself and for my daughter. She helped me learn to never give up, that my body would change when it was ready and that I didn’t need to be skinny, or a certain shape or size to be loved.

When I say this lovely lady changed my life, I mean she really changed my life and it wasn't because of the workouts, the weight or the food. It was the ways in which she taught me to change my brain and the way I felt about and treated myself and my body.

Now I can’t even imagine where my life would be without coming to Roni.

I've worked hard to get where I am but it was so worth it. Now I can finally say, I have confidence. I realize my worth isn't tied to a number on the scale. I know that I am not defined by my looks or body. I believe in myself and know that I can achieve anything. 

My life has forever been changed. I am able to look in the mirror and love what I see. I am able to look in the mirror with positive thoughts rather than hateful thoughts.

I am able to eat food I love without out of control or feeling bad about myself for being “fat” or worried that the scale will say.

I'm at peace now. I'm a happier, better mother and person, now. I achieved a mental state I never thought I would be able to get to.

Of course not every day is perfect, I still find battles within, we all do. But now I have the confidence, the tools and the strength to manage them when they do happen, so I don’t end up back down the road I was once on. Not every day is perfect - that's not how life works -  but I've even learned to dance in the rain!"


Kelsey didn't achieve all that because she was given the perfect diet or exercise program. She achieved it because the strategies Roni built into Cognitive Eating taught her how to change the reasons why she struggled with weight, food, body image and anxiety issues in the first place - and how to change them.


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