When your pants are tight and you think, "I need to lose weight" does it make you feel? dieting healthy eating healthy living transformation weight loss goals weight loss struggles

And why does that matter? 

Imagine this scenario... you’re minding your own business, standing there in your bedroom getting dressed.

As you’re pulling up your favorite pair of pants, you notice they feel tighter than they felt the last time you wore them.

What happens?

The voice...

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#BellLetsTalk: Let's talk about what no one ever talks about... binge eating dieting disordered eating eating disorder healthy eating healthy living mental health weight loss struggles

I was reading a book about healing trauma recently and came to a section on the "trauma healing diet".

I was honestly furious.

How could someone supposedly wanting to help people heal from trauma, include a diet in their "trauma healing" plan? 

How does a supposed trauma specialist really...

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