Why SMART goals aren't really helpful for changing your body or getting healthier goal setting goals new year new year resolutions resolutions success weight loss goals

No less than a dozen times today alone, I've seen someone on social media telling people if they want to crush their goals this year, they need to set SMART goals.

And to that I say:

As usual, here I am again about to disagree completely with what just about everyone else says but hear me out on...

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The 8 Biggest Reasons You Struggle With Consistency behavior change consistency habits healthy eating new year resolutions success transformation weight loss goals weight loss struggles

Consistency is the magic key - but why is it so hard?

We’re bombarded with weight loss, diet, and healthy eating advice every day and everyone says the same thing about whatever they happen to be promoting.

Theirs is the healthiest.

Theirs will cure disease.

Theirs will create the...

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