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Group coaching program helping lifelong dieters stop feeling controlled by food & their scale by uncovering and changing the why behind their ongoing weight & food struggles so they can rebuild nurturing relationships between themselves, their bodies and the food they eat

"I have finally found real happiness in myself. I'm eating to feed my body; not my emotions. I'm not hating or ashamed of my body anymore and that has caused such a ripple effect of good. I'm so thankful."

- Jaqueline B.

Does this sound like you?

You've been dieting for longer than you can remember but still struggle with food and your weight 

Thoughts of food and your weight consume almost every waking moment of your life

You often feel out of control around food or certain foods, maybe even full on binge often

You mindlessly snack or use food for everything - comfort, boredom, stress, numbing out emotions

What if instead...

What if instead you just ate and lived? Imagine if food and your weight never crossed your mind again. Imagine if those things no longer controlled you. Imagine if you ate and lived from a place of love and trust. If you were able to regulate emotions without food and you made nurturing choices for yourself and your body every day - because you knew deserved to feel good.

Together, we're going to make that your reality.

Forget the WHAT. We're going to change your WHY.

  • You don't need more people telling you what to eat to lose weight
  • You don't need more people telling you what to do to be healthy
  • You've been on that ride a hundred times - you know it's not working. The weight never stays off & the "plans" never stick

You need to focus on why. Why can't you stick to those things? Why can't you stop eating in ways that make your body feel like crap?

If you actually want lasting change you have to learn why you're stuck in self-destructive eating patterns & then, how to change it.

You think it's because you're "addicted" to food or sweets or because you have no willpower - but that's not true.

How do I know that?

Because I spent over two decades feeling that way myself (and struggling with emotional eating, binge eating & bulimia for many years).

I've also spent an entire decade working with other women in the exact same place.

After all that time, I've yet to meet a single woman willing to sell her body to Ben and Jerry for a pint of Chunky Monkey. But I have learned why we end up feeling so out of control with food, and struggling so hard to "stay on track" or find peace in our bodies.

More importantly, I learned the exact steps required to change it and I've bundled them up into a simple-to-follow system that is the Cognitive Eating Academy.

The Cognitive Eating Academy

The CEA program has had every detail meticulously crafted and tested for over two years with one goal in mind - helping you move past all the things that are keeping you stuck repeating the same self-destructive patterns so you can find peace and start living and feeling better.

  • LIFETIME ACCESS: online members vault with all your CEA course content so you'll never feel lost and you can learn at your own pace, any time, day or night, from your laptop or mobile device
  • 14 weeks of live group coaching calls for all the help, accountability & support you need in a fun, loving environment from a community of women who get you and are working towards the same things you are
  • Two FREE 60 minute one on one calls with Roni
  • LIFETIME ACCESS: Short & fun, Intensati & yoga videos designed to help encourage daily movement in ways that are fun and make your body feel a whole lot better to live in
  • NEW: unlimited live help and support through real-time voice messaging

Every single one of us has the ability to find our way back to ourselves, to wholeness, and freedom. This is your invitation to do just that -- to come home to yourself, your body and the beautiful life that's available to you when you do.



At peace now & a happier, better mother & person.

“Roni helped me learn how to keep the weight off but she gave me so much more than that. She taught me how to change my brain, to be okay with myself and my body. I’m at peace now. I'm a happier, better, mother and person. My life and my mental and physical health have done a complete 180 for the better because of her and I can never thank her enough.”

- Kelsey Keigan
Dental Hygenist

Feeling lighter and healthier than ever before

"I tried so many diets like keto, paleo, intermittent fasting, and I finally can say that now I just eat what I feel like eating, what my body wants (as you taught me). I feel in control of my choices and feel lighter & healthier than ever before. Thanks Roni for everything, I can't say about many people that they changed my life but you truly did!"

- Raquel Sedano
Women's Health Coach

The Framework


Builds resiliency & self-compassion, improves overall well-being, decreases stress, helps emotional regulation, calms body & mind & more

Cognitive-Behavioral Strategies

Manage emotions, change thoughts, emotions & destructive behavior patterns. It helps with eating disorders / disordered eating, depression, anxiety


Reduces stress, anxiety & depression, may reverse aging, improves focus & memory, balances emotions, improves mental health and more

Some Breathwork

Gain mental clarity, manage emotions, establish healthy sleep cycles, relieve stress & anxiety and more

Intensati + Yoga

Incorporate movement into your day in ways that are easy, fun and make your body feel a whole lot better to live in

Community + Coaching

Support and guidance from like-minded women & a coach with decades of combined personal & professional experience

All the tools and support you need to learn why you keep self-sabotaging weight loss or healthy eating efforts, and how to change it

By targeting the issues at their source you're given the power to change it all.


  • Build a nurturing relationship between yourself, your body and the food you eat

  • Finally stop dieting & learn to enjoy food again, all foods, guilt and shame-free

  • Learn to stop mindless, emotional, and even binge eating

  • Learn tools and strategies to manage negative emotions and life's challenges without always relying on food or other self-destructive habits
  • Learn to trust yourself and your body to make your own (healthier) choices - never struggle to live by another food rule (and then hate yourself when you can't) ever again

  • End the all-consuming thoughts & obsessions over food and your weight
  • Learn to live (and eat) from acceptance, compassion and kindness, rather than judgment, blame and shame

  • Learn to love the skin you're in and break away from unhealthy thoughts and behavior patterns so you can build healthier habits, live more fully and at peace 


Who is this right for?

This work isn't for everyone but it is perfect for you if:

  • you're sick of feeling stuck and want to discover what life is like outside of the all-consuming heaviness of weight & food obsessions

  • you're beyond exhausted by repeating the same old patterns of negative and self-critical thoughts and behaviors and are ready to write a new story

  • you want to learn how to better navigate negative emotions or other life challenges without food or other destructive habits

  • you're ready to courageously dive into learning more about yourself, your past and your conditioning so you can gain the self-awareness required to create the outcomes you crave 

  • you want to expand your current personal growth process to include an exploration of why you eat the way you eat & how to change it

  • you're ready to invite more ease and calm into your life, to learn a softer, gentler approach to nourishing and nurturing your mental, emotional and physical health

  • you want a fun, loving & supportive community of women who know exactly what you're going through and you're willing to show up for yourself and the group 

  • you've tried all the other approaches, know they're not working and you need something completely different

  • you're ready for something new and you're ready and willing to commit to YOU


Hear More Of What People Are Saying...


Founder & Facilitator

Roni Davis

I spent decades struggling with weight, body image, food, an eating disorder, depression, panic attacks, and an anxiety disorder.

I've also been an award-winning personal trainer and nutrition and wellness coach, and a nationally qualified champion figure athlete. I spent 8 years in that world and was successful in it - I've written for bodybuilding websites, was featured by Muscle Insider, and Bodybuilding.com.

But I was never really happy or at peace because, like many women, I desperately chased happiness and self-worth through my body and my weight. It never came and the harder I tried to control what was going in, the worse my food issues (and shame) got.  

And the more women I worked with, the more I realized it wasn't just me so I kept studying - psychology, neuroscience, habits and human behavior. I knew there had to be a magic secret formula out there somewhere that would help me (and my clients) actually be able to stick to something and be happy.  It was in those years of searching that I found the truth.

Listen to more of Roni's story >

Raquel Sedano - Your Movement Guide

IntenSati Certified Coach / Cognitive Eating Coach in training

Raquel is a former Cognitive Eating Academy graduate currently training to be a CE coach herself which makes her the perfect candidate to host the movement section of your course. She's also a women's health coach who spent the last decade studying health, sports science, functional nutrition & body training because she's passionate about helping herself and other women have healthier, happier lives. As a certified IntenSati coach she'll use the movement section of the CEA to teach you how to move in a fun, empowered way so you can relearn the joy of movement.

*IntenSati is a revolutionary workout that will strengthen your body, clear your mind, and open your heart so you can live a life you love in a body you love. Learn to train your inner critic to become your inner coach so you can experience positive, lasting, and fulfilling results.

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