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All The Tools You Need To Change Everything

Join The E-CET Academy and learn the exact steps required to address the root issues that keep you stuck


your relationship with self & body so you start naturally treating yourself with love & kindness


your relationship with food by removing fear & shame so healthy eating is joyful and easy


your brain to change the conditioning that drives unhealthy thoughts and behaviors


➔ You don't need more people telling you what to eat to lose weight or be healthier
➔ You don't need more people telling you what to do to accomplish those things
➔ You've been on that ride a hundred times - you know it's not working. The weight never stays off & the "plans" never stick

Because it all ignores your why.

Why can't you stick to those things? Why can't you stop eating in ways that make your body feel like crap?

You probably think it's because you're "addicted" to food or sweets or because you have no motivation or willpower - but that's not true.

How do I know that?

Because I spent over two decades feeling that way myself (and struggling with emotional eating, binge eating & bulimia for many years).

I've also spent an entire decade working with other women in the exact same place.

After all that time, I've yet to meet a single woman willing to sell her body to Ben and Jerry for a pint of Chunky Monkey.

But I have learned why we end up feeling so out of control with food, and struggling so hard to "stay on track" or find peace in our bodies and exactly how to change it all.

And I'm going to teach you how.

Embodied Cognitive Eating Training will teach you to:


embodied-2Break unhealthy thought and behavior patterns so you can start living and feeling better--with more intention and presence

embodied-2Stop dieting, end the cycle of non-stop failure and redefine healthy living and eating to create ease and support you in feeling your best

embodied-2Stop fearing certain foods and feeling controlled by food or obsessive thoughts about food (and your body/weight)

embodied-2Stop mindless, emotional, stress, binge and overeating patterns that are keeping you from feeling your best

embodied-2Stop overthinking, and judging yourself so harshly, learn to start speaking to, and treating yourself with more kindness and compassion

embodied-2Start making choices for yourself and your body from a place of love and trust and nurturing yourself and your body with what you truly need

Using multiple evidence-based modalities combined with professional and peer support

When you join the CEA you'll start learning to:

MYMMEMBERSHIP-25  Break unhealthy thought and behavior patterns so you can start living and feeling better
MYMMEMBERSHIP-25  Stop dieting and end the cycle of non-stop failure 
MYMMEMBERSHIP-25  Stop fearing and feeling controlled by food or obsessive thoughts about food
MYMMEMBERSHIP-25  Stop mindless, emotional, stress, binge and overeating patterns that are keeping you from feeling your best
MYMMEMBERSHIP-25  Stop overthinking, and judging yourself so harshly
MYMMEMBERSHIP-25  Start making choices for yourself and your body from a place of love and trust and nurturing yourself and your body with what you truly need

Using multiple evidence-based modalities combined with professional and peer support
here is what's included when you join


A Proven Track Record

The Academy has had every detail meticulously crafted and tested for three years with one goal in mind - helping you move past all the things that are keeping you stuck repeating the same self-destructive patterns so you can find peace and start living and feeling better.

embodied-3LIFETIME ACCESS: online members vault with all your course content so you'll never feel lost. Learn at your own pace, any time, day or night, from your laptop or mobile device

embodied-316 x 90 minute live group coaching calls for all the help, accountability & support you need

embodied-3One FREE 60 minute one on one call with Roni

embodied-3LIFETIME ACCESS: short & fun, Intensati & yoga videos designed to help encourage daily movement in ways that are fun and make your body feel a whole lot better to live in

embodied-3UNLIMITED: live help and support from Roni and the other members of your community, through an easy to use real-time voice messaging app

embodied-3 Optional access to ongoing weekly alumni meetings for as long as you need them

Every single one of us has the ability to find our way back to ourselves, to wholeness, and freedom. This is your invitation to do just thatto come home to yourself, your body and the beautiful life that's available to you when you do.
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The Framework Includes

Mindfulness & Meditation

Builds resiliency & self-compassion, improves overall well-being, decreases stress, helps emotional regulation, calms body & mind & more

Cognitive-Behavioral Strategies

Manage thoughts, emotions & destructive behavior patterns: eating disorders/disordered eating and more

Intuitive Eating

Hear and honor your body's natural hunger and fullness cues. Rebuild self and body trust, remove food fear and shame & find joy with food

Online learning portal

Your very own private learning portal allows you to learn at your own pace, any time, day or night (from your laptop or mobile device)

Live coaching every week

Live, group coaching call where you'll get face to face time with Roni for guidance and support you need to integrate the practices

Fun, loving community

A fun, loving and supportive community of other women just like you, struggling with and working towards the same things


"I have finally found real happiness in myself. I'm eating to feed my body; not my emotions. I'm not hating or ashamed of my body anymore and that has caused such a ripple effect of good. I'm so thankful."

- Jaqueline B.

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Why Me? Why This?

The E-CET Academy is special for many reasons, not the least of which is well, me. My combination of personal and professional background plus years of experience are priceless and rare. This work is my life, truly my zone of genius.

And I get it, it's scary to start something else.

You've probably been struggling with this whole weight and food thing for more years than you can remember. You feel like you've tried everything to solve it and nothing ever works.

I soo get that. I know the thought of starting something else (again) especially something so different, is scary, overwhelming and frustrating because you've been on that ride a hundred times.  

But this isn't that. It isn't another "healthy eating or living" plan that tells you what you should be eating or doing. It's a process of creating presence, connection, and space in your life. It's a process of unlearning patterns that aren't serving you and intentionally creating new ones that will.

It's a new, more present, and connected way of thinking and being - in the world and in your body.

With the right tools and practices, you can absolutely change it all—but everything you've been doing is what got you where you are so changing it means doing something different than you've ever done. VERY different.



embodied-5 you just eat and live. Food and your weight never cross your mind and those things no longer control you

embodied-5 you enjoy a deep connection with, and respect for, your body and you're treating it with kindness and care

embodied-5 you're inner dialogue is calm, peaceful and kind

embodied-5 you're able to regulate emotions without always mindlessly munching on food to soothe, comfort or distract

embodied-5 you effortlessly eat and live in ways that best nurture and support your mental, emotional and physical needs

What would it be worth to you to live that reality? Are you ready?
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Hollie's Experience by Roni Davis

And lots more...

Who is this right for?

How to know if E-CET is right for you

This is for you if you are:

embodied-8sick of feeling stuck and want to break the old cycle of promising to "be good" only to end up always feeling like you've failed

embodied-8beyond exhausted by all the negative and self-critical internal dialogue and want to learn to end it

embodied-8wanting to learn how to better navigate negative emotions or other life challenges without food or other destructive habits

embodied-8ready to invite more ease and calm into your life

embodied-8wanting a fun, loving & supportive community of women who know exactly what you're going through and you're willing to show up for yourself and the group

embodied-8sick of all the other approaches that you know don't work and excited about something completely different

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It's not for you if you are:

embodied-8not ready to give up the hope that someday the perfect diet that you can somehow finally magically stick to is going to land in your lap

embodied-8not willing to get real about some of the patterns that have been keeping you stuck and practice new tools to shift them

embodied-8not curious about exploring your inner world and looking for a new, better way to live and be

embodied-8not ready to admit that the obsession with weight loss is not making you healthier or happier and that there might be a healthier, more productive, weight-neutral way to approach health that focuses on how you feel and what you need rather than what you weigh

embodied-8not willing or able to show up for yourself and the other members of your community and start creating change

got questions?

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Evidence-based tools combined with professional and peer support to help you learn why you're stuck in self-sabotaging patterns with food, and how to change them

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