Six weeks of essential practices for nurturing well-being and rebuilding healthier, more peaceful relationships with yourself, your body and food


Reimagine healthy eating and living through wholehearted being

Be present

in this moment because it's the only one that exists, the only one you have any control over

Be connected

to your inner world - your thoughts, feelings, the communication from your body 

Be curious

about those things, with gentle awareness, self-compassion and non-judgment

Be intentional

with your thoughts, behaviors, and responses - intentionally choosing kindness, gratitude, love. you can start waking up from the mindless trance of the conditioning that isn’t serving your greatest good, and start honoring the needs of your best self.

If you want peace, you have to be willing to end the war

I see it all the time, the guilt, shame and feelings of failure

Brilliant, accomplished and capable women everywhere, all wasting their lives, living with the fear, guilt, shame and constant feelings of failure that come with always trying to lose weight, eat "right" and/or "be good with food".

Because no matter how hard they try, they can't ever stick to anything or "stay on track".

And I get it, it was my reality for many years, too.

But, how is any of that healthy? How is any of it creating a healthier, happier, more fulfilled and peaceful life?

It's not.

Thankfully, there is hope for change.

"I have stopped fighting my body and learned to appreciate it for all it has done and continues to do for me! It’s only a few weeks but it really can make a big difference to your life." - Lucy H

Get started today with...

this is for you if you want to

Learn practices that will help you:

stop the cycle of always "falling off track" and judging yourself harshly every time you do

start listening to & trusting your body's communication cues when it tells you what it needs

treat yourself better so you start feeling better - in your body and about yourself

 Every single one of us has the ability to find our way back to ourselves, to wholeness, freedom, and trust.

This is your invitation

This is your invitation to start exploring some powerful practices that will help you begin to understand and shift self-destructive patterns.

Practices that will help start guiding you back home—home to yourself, your body and the beautiful life that's available to you when you do.

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"I have learned more from this than I have from the 20 different therapists, doctors and psychiatrists and 2 different treatment facilities combined."

- Dana

In each module you get:

ECET-14 A short lesson
ECET-14 A short meditation and/or practice to support the lesson
ECET-14 Workbook with thought-provoking questions + personalized review
ECET-14 When you're done completing your workbook, send it back to me to get personalized (and confidential) guidance and suggestions
ECET-14 Simple, actionable tools and practices that integrate easily into your life
ECET-14 Mantras and bonus downloads to help reinforce the teachings

The program is divided into six weekly modules but it's mostly self-study so you can go at your own pace, any time, day or night, from your computer or mobile device.

But just because it's self-study, doesn't mean you're in it alone.

You also get to join me for a free live call during my office hours for any individual help or support you need.

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It's only day three of this and I’m already being kinder to myself. Thank you.

Allie B.

These practices are changing my life!

Hannah A.

This brought me so much peace and calmness and my body really needed that.

Georgia A.

Thank you again for helping me fall in love with my body for the first time ever!

Laura D.

Start Building the Foundations for Peace

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Learn practices to help you start:

  • putting an end to food fear and the obsessive "should" vs "shouldn't" eat thoughts around food
  • stop judging yourself and your body so harshly
  • connecting with and listening to your body
  • treating yourself better so you'll start feeling better

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