Essential Practices For Weight & Food Freedom

This is for you if you're sick of eating in ways that make you feel like garbage and not understanding why, sick of the non-stop food and weight thoughts, this is for you.

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This is for you

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Learn how to stop "falling off track" and judging yourself harshly every time you do

Learn to start listening to & trusting your body's cues when it tells you what it needs

Learn to start feeling better about yourself and wanting to treat yourself better

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Jenny E.

"Since taking this micro-course, I now swim regularly, eat better and have lost a stone in weight and 9 inches from my waist and hips. Thank you, Roni!"

Rachel S.

"Thank you a lot for the mini course, it's been so helpful so far. I am putting into practice everything you teach and I haven't been thinking of food so much, already."

Natalie M.

"I love everything about this course.  Theory, practice, reflection. This is needed."