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Uncovering and changing the why behind your self-destructive thoughts, beliefs and eating habits so you can finally end the weight and food war

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Have you spent years dieting and sabotaging your best intentions for eating healthier or losing weight?

Feel like you've tried everything to get this whole weight & food struggle under control?

Cognitive eating was created just for you!



The relationships we have with food, ourselves and our bodies are formed through the thoughts, beliefs, habits, and behaviors that are unconsciously developed over the course of our lives. 

And those are the things that drive the way we eat.

That's why you stay stuck repeating the same patterns month after month, year after year. That's why you feel like nothing ever works - because nothing you've tried has shown you how to undercover why you're eating the way you're eating and how to change it.

Cognitive eating combines a wide range of scientifically proven effective modalities to change those things because when you do, everything changes. Forever.


Mindfulness & Meditation

Builds resiliency & self-compassion, improves overall well-being, decreases stress, helps emotional regulation, calms body & mind & more

Cognitive-Behavioral Strategies

Manage emotions, change thoughts, emotions & destructive behavior patterns. It helps with eating disorders / disordered eating, depression, anxiety

Intuitive Eating

Relearn to hear and honor your body's natural hunger and fullness cues. Rebuild self and body trust, remove food fear and shame & find joy with food again

Breathwork Exercises

Gain mental clarity, manage emotions, establish healthy sleep cycles, strengthen intuition & creativity, relieve stress & anxiety and more

IntenSati + Yoga

Strengthen your body, clear your mind, and open your heart so you can live a life you love in a body you love, with less pain & stiffness and more energy

Community + Coaching

Support and guidance from like-minded women & a coach with decades of combined personal & professional experience

The CE framework combines these powerful, scientifically proven modalities into an easy-to-follow step-by-step process that helps you understand why the food, weight & body image struggles exist, how they're contributing to self-destructive & self-sabotaging behavior patterns and most importantly, how to change it all.

The way you eat, think, feel and even the choices you make, naturally begin to shift in the most beautiful (and significantly healthier) ways, as a result.

That's why it's unlike anything else you've done.

That's why it works when nothing else does.

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How Is It Really Different?

A quick comparison of principles


Traditional Dieting/Lifestyle Changes
  • Unsustainable with strict, rigid rules & restrictions
  • Most predictable indicator of future weight gain and worse overall mental and physical health outcomes
  • Only focused on externals - what you have to eat now (even if it means being miserable) to maybe look different later 
  • Eat what and when someone else tells you you're allowed -- judgement, guilt, shame ever present
  • Destroys self-trust & self-esteem, & your ability to hear or care about your needs
  • Creates patterns of thinking, feeling & behaving that fuels self-destructive eating, overeating or binge eating
  • Fuels your negative internal dialogue & destroys your relationship with yourself & even your mental health
  • Does nothing to help manage emotional eating, probably even makes it worse
  • Dis-empowering - keeps you reliant on trying to force yourself to follow other people's rules about what's best for you & your body
  • Contributes to feelings of depression, anxiety and shame
Cognitive Eating
  • Completely sustainable because there are no rules & nothing to "stick to". It teaches you retrain your brain and changes it forever.

  • Incorporates modalities proven effective for improving physical, mental and emotional health & well-being

  • Focus on being happy & feeling your best right now rather than trying to force yourself to "stick to" something hoping it'll make you skinny & happy later

  • Eat when, how, why, and whatever you want with no judgment, guilt or shame - but focuses on why you're eating the way you're eating so you can learn to change it

  • Rebuilds self-trust & self-esteem, learn to hear & honor your own needs

  • Teaches you to change negative internal dialogue, repair your relationship with yourself & prioritize your mental health through modalities proven to improve it

  • Teaches you to understand and manage emotions in healthier ways so you're not always needing to rely on food for everything 

  • Completely empowering - you learn to hear and honor your own unique needs moment to moment

  • Teaches strategies that have been proven effective at easing symptoms of depression, & anxiety

Ready for that kind of real, lasting change?

Intuitive Eating

  • Completely sustainable because there are no rules & nothing to "stick to" but doesn't teach you to retrain your brain
  • Does not teach modalities proven effective for improving physical, mental and emotional health & well-being
  • Focus on being happy & feeling your best right now rather than trying to force yourself to "stick to" something
  • Eat when, how, why, and whatever you want with no judgment, guilt or shame
  • May help some with self-trust
  • Can help reverse patterns of destructive eating caused by restriction but does nothing for the other causes (self-punishment / auto-pilot / stress / emotional eating)
  • Doesn't help with negative internal dialogue or mental health
  • Doesn't do anything about emotional eating or learning to manage emotions without food
  • Completely empowering
  • Doesn't help with depression, anxiety, etc 

    IE is far superior to dieting & there are a lot of similarities between IE and CE because there are some IE elements in cognitive eating. The differences lie in how much deeper cognitive eating goes into the work required to change why we think, feel & eat (/act) the way we do and how to change it all.
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CE founder, Roni Davis is on a mission to change the way the world views weight, healthy eating and healthy living.

She spent almost 3 decades struggling with weight, food, negative body (and self) image, negative internal dialogue and even bulimia, depression and anxiety.

She also spent over a decade gaining education and professional experience as an award-winning personal trainer and nutrition and wellness coach, nationally qualified champion figure athlete plus, more recently, mindfulness & CBT coach

Roni’s own decades-long healing journey and professional knowledge and experience along with 2 years of testing and perfecting lead to the creation of CE + the Cognitive Eating Academy.

Roni’s work with Cognitive Eating allows clients to uncover and change the toxic thought and behavior patterns that drive weight and food struggles. She guides and supports clients through the process of developing deeper connections to themselves so they can repair their relationships with food, themselves and their bodies. The result? Freedom from the obsession of weight and food wars, improved overall health and well-being and a more balanced & present way of eating and living; one that’s grounded in self-trust, freedom, self-compassion and love.

Roni is also co-founder of The Real Diet Story. TRDS is a passion project dedicated to dismantling diet culture one story at a time. For more about The Real Diet Story, click here.

 NOTE: The IntenSati portion of CE is taught by Certified Health Coach, IntenSati Instructor, CE Academy Graduate & Coach In Training, Raquel Sedano. Find her at:



"From the moment I met Roni I knew she would create positive change. Roni is a beautiful public speaker and workshop facilitator that cares deeply about her client's wellbeing. Her honest and real-life approach is a refreshing change, and I highly recommend her services."​
- Lori Westbury: Maritime Meditation

"Thought provoking,  inspiring and practical are words that summarize Roni Davis. I have been following Roni's words of inspiration and I'm always motivated to review my thoughts and practices, while exposing my inner struggles. Roni has a gift for offering simple solutions that make a big impact."​
- Bernice Williams: Intentional Connections

"Roni has a true gift for helping women heal themselves & their relationship with food through permission to love themselves just as they are - which, as we know, is where real transformation happens."​
- Heidi Davis: RN & Heidi Davis Coaching

"Roni is a unicorn....she’s one of those people who motivates and butt kicks at the same time, empowering you to be your best you. She’s smart, funny and tells it like it is (and how it should be - research-based and realistic)."

- Jennifer MacDonald, BA, BEd, MEd, CCC

"Roni is extremely knowledgeable about health, wellness and the mind-body connection. I recently interviewed her on my podcast. She was phenomenal & the information she gave helped so many people. I highly recommend her."​
- Maurice Flournoy: The New Mind Creator Podcast

"My life is so much better because of Roni. I have finally found real happiness within myself. I'm eating to feed my body; not my emotions. I'm not hating or ashamed of my body anymore and that has caused such a ripple effect of good. I'm so thankful."
- Jacqueline B.

"I never realized the kind of impact one person could have on my life until I started working with Roni and can’t even imagine where my life would be without her. It's forever been changed. I look in the mirror and love what I see. I eat food I love without being out of control or feeling bad about myself or worrying what the scale will say. I'm at peace now and a happier, better mother and person.
- Kelsey Keigan




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