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A healthier approach for healthy eating and living

After almost 3 decades of dieting, Roni Davis found the secret to healthy eating and living⁠—through being. Being present, connected, curious, and intentional.
You'll learn how with E-CET.


Born out of one woman's passion to empower others to embrace a completely new way to approach healthy eating and living
Embodied Cognitive Eating Training

E-CET starts with the recognition that the choices you make are driven by your brain and most are done so on auto-pilot. That is, completely subconsciously—without conscious intellectual activity (such as thinking, reasoning or remembering) and without connection to the wisdom and communication of your body. 

It's a weight-neutral guided process that teaches you to reconnect with, listen to and trust the wisdom of your body, while intentionally re-engaging the conscious intellect when making choices for yourself and your bodyfood and otherwise. 

This results in not only creating healthier eating and thinking habits, but also healthier relationships with food, yourself and your body... and ultimately greater health, happiness and well-being. 

Tested and Proven

and utilizes multiple evidence-based modalities

E-CET is a proven, effective process, developed and tested by Roni Davis, that combines multiple evidence-based modalities to teach clients the skills required to:

➔ understand and change self-sabotaging behaviors with food, and in general
➔ build coping strategies to navigate and manage difficult emotions without always relying on food for everything
➔ repair the relationships they have with themselves, their bodies and food
➔ rebuild self and body trust by rebuilding connection with the wisdom of their bodies
➔ quiet the often mean and judgmental voice in their heads to find an inner sense of calm and peace

A Standard Cognitive Model

E-CET uses a standard cognitive model that suggests thoughts, feelings and behaviours are all equally interconnected. 

What we think affects how we feel and what we do. What we feel affects what we think and what we do. What we do affects how we feel and what we think.

And all three are equally interconnected. A feeling can inspire a thought and an action can modify a feeling.

Plus, Mind-Body Connection

All of those things largely impact our health.

Our thoughts and feelings have an impact on our health and they drive every single choice we make. And the choices we make can and do impact our health.  

So if we truly want to have a positive impact on our health and well-being we must focus, not on forcing control of external elements, but on what we're thinking, how we're feeling, how those things drive our choices and how to change them when they are negatively impacting our well-being.

The Four Pillars of E-CET

Be present

in this moment because it's the only one that exists, the only one you have any control over

Be connected

to your inner world - your thoughts, feelings, the communication from your body 

Be curious

about those things, with gentle awareness, self-compassion and non-judgment

Be intentional

with your thoughts, behaviors, and responses - intentionally choosing kindness, gratitude, love

Assumptions Made By E-CET:

➔ People are not lazy or unmotivated, especially when something is important to them.

 People are doing the best they can with what they know and have the ability to learn and grow.

➔ People know what to eat and do to lose weight or be healthy, knowledge is not the problem. The problem is the patterns that stop them from doing those things, consistently.

 They cannot fail in E-CET, though their stage of readiness will affect the rate of progress and change.

➔ People have not caused or chosen their struggles with weight and food but can choose to get guidance and support in changing them.

➔ People don’t need to do better, try harder and be more motivated to change, they need to understand and reprogram whatever patterns are holding them back from changing.

➔ All behaviors (thoughts, actions, feelings) are caused by something.

➔ New behaviors must be learned in all relevant contexts.

➔ A weight-neutral, mind-body approach is the most life-affirming, health-promoting approach for most people.

➔ Figuring out and changing the causes behind unhealthy or destructive behaviors is a more effective way to change than judging, blaming, and trying to control behavior.

The  Framework


Builds resiliency & self-compassion, improves overall well-being, decreases stress, helps emotional regulation, calms body & mind & more

Cognitive-Behavioral Strategies

Manage thoughts, emotions & destructive behavior patterns: eating disorders/disordered eating and more

Intuitive Eating

Hear and honor your body's natural hunger and fullness cues. Rebuild self and body trust, remove food fear and shame & find joy with food

Online learning portal

Your very own private learning portal allows you to learn at your own pace, any time, day or night (from your laptop or mobile device)

Live weekly coaching

Live, group coaching call where you'll get face to face time with Roni for guidance and support you need to integrate the practices

Fun, loving community

A fun, loving and supportive community of other women just like you, struggling with and working towards the same things

When You Change Why You Eat, What and How You Eat Naturally Changes On Its Own


The E-CET framework combines these powerful, scientifically proven modalities into an easy-to-follow step-by-step process that helps you understand why the food, weight & body image struggles exist, how they're contributing to self-destructive & self-sabotaging behavior patterns and most importantly, how to change it all.

The way you eat, think, feel and even the choices you make, naturally begin to shift in the most beautiful (and significantly healthier) ways, as a result.

That's why it's unlike anything else you've done.

That's why it works when nothing else does.


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Nurture well-being and rebuild more peaceful relationships with yourself, your body, and food with six weeks of foundational practices taken directly from inside The E-CET Academy.

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About the creator

Roni Davis

E-CET creator, Roni Davis is on a mission to change the way the world approaches weight, healthy eating and healthy living.

She spent almost 3 decades struggling with weight, food, negative body (and self) image, negative internal dialogue and even bulimia, depression and anxiety.

She also spent over a decade gaining education and professional experience as an award-winning personal trainer and nutrition and wellness coach, nationally qualified champion figure athlete plus, more recently, training in mindfulness, meditation, and CBT. 

Roni’s own decades-long healing journey and professional training and experience along with almost 3 years of testing and perfecting led to the creation of E-CET.

Roni’s work with Embodied Cognitive Eating Training allows clients to uncover and change the toxic thought and behavior patterns that drive weight and food struggles.

She guides and supports clients through the process of creating presence, breaking unhealthy patterns, and developing deeper connections to themselves so they can repair their relationships with food, themselves and their bodies. The result is lasting freedom from the obsession of weight and food wars, improved overall health and well-being and a more balanced & present way of eating and living; one that’s grounded in self-trust, freedom, self-compassion and love.

Roni is also co-founder of The Real Diet Story. TRDS is a passion project dedicated to dismantling diet culture one story at a time. For more about The Real Diet Story, click here.


My vision is of a world in which our daughters can grow up not knowing the destruction and dysfunction of diet culture⁠—a world in which they’re just kind to themselves. I envision a world in which they sit around eating without shame. A world where rather than talking about “being good", thigh gaps, hip dips, bat wings, stretch marks, belly rolls, and love handles, they’re discussing their courage, their hearts, their brilliance, the impact they’ll leave on the world, their dreams and all the ways they’ll surpass themand that they never allow their own destructive stories to hold them back.

My Mission

My mission is to help bring that vision to life.





Gain insight into why  you can't stick to anything, why it's not your fault, why you're not alone, what to do about it and more.