Gain clarity on what's been keeping you stuck in patterns with food that aren't serving you so you stop blaming yourself, and have hope for change


I know...

You keep trying to lose weight or "eat right" but can't ever stick to anything

You keep promising yourself you're not going to eat the "bad" stuff anymore, or you're not going to binge anymore, but it never works.

No matter how many times you promise yourself "never again" or "the diet starts tomorrow", nothing ever sticks. You always end up caving and feeling like you failed. Again. And again. And again.

And that's frustrating as hell. 



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I've been there and I soo get it

As a former binge eater, as well as a former personal trainer and nutrition and wellness coach, I spent many years studying, researching and learning about nutrition and the psychology of not only why weight and food struggles are so universal but also, how to change them. I mean really change them. Forever.

In this series, I'm going to share some of what I've learned to help you start gaining insight and stop blaming yourself.

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In this free 3 part series, you'll learn:

ECET-15 Why you can’t stick to anything

ECET-15 Why lifestyle change or traditional "healthy eating" attempts aren't any more successful than traditional dieting

 ECET-15 The role of your habit center and its impact on why you eat the way you eat + how habits are actually formed (hint: it has nothing to do with 21-days)

ECET-15 Why it always feels so hard to change anything

ECET-15 Three of the biggest causes of binge eating or feeling out of control around foods + real-world examples of each of them in action

ECET-15 How to gain freedom from dieting/constant broken promises to "eat healthier", "be good with food", or lose weight

ECET-15 How reimagining the way you think about "healthy" eating is actually healthier than what you have been doing

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The whole time I was struggling with my own weight and food issues, I kept thinking, "If I only knew why I was like this. If I could just understand why, I'd be able to do something about it."

That's why I created this series for you. Because I was right: understanding why I kept struggling was a vital first step towards healing and change and I want help you gain some insight for the same reason. So you can start understanding. It's not your fault. You're not alone. And there is a path to lasting change. I promise.